The Law of Attraction Coach’s Podcast

Health and your Vibration. How is it related? What can you do about it? How to use the Law of Attraction.

October 17, 2020

Health and your Vibration

In this episode Life Coach David ( continues to read and discuss Money and the Law of Attraction. You'll find out how your vibration and effect your health and what you can do about it.  Once you know what to do, you'll never go back to being careless with your thoughts. The Law of Attraction is always responding to you, so why not find out how to stay healthier based on your thoughts.  It's amazing how much control we have over that.

Resistance and the Law of Attraction

In this episode you'll also find out about resistance, and what it has to do with your health (it has alot to do with it!)

Free Law of Attraction Phone Coaching Session

If you're considering having Life Coach David as your Law of Attraction coach, he offers a free mini phone coaching session. Sessions are held over the phone so it doesn't matter where you live.

Thanks for listening and have a high vibration day!

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